Getting the Word Out: Alex Shares What She Enjoys Most at Coach House Marketing

Marketing is about finding the best way to reach and engage your audience. To do this well, you have to be fully aware of the context and be completely honest about yourself and what you have to offer. My job is to help companies understand and articulate what makes them different and why people should take notice.

Getting the Word Out

One of my favourite work activities is editing—and over the past decade, I’ve been asked to be a part of some incredible projects, including the editing of Amazon bestsellers as well as books published in traditional houses. I usually always have an editing project or two on the go; I might be proofreading a business plan, providing a developmental edit for a horror novel or formatting a collection of poetry for Kindle. The level of attention and detail that this type of work demands requires a synergistically creative and cognitive energy, which puts me in a deeply calm, almost meditative, space. Simply put, words are my religion.  
Like writing, good marketing is never about following anyone’s rules blindly. Just take a look at how Twitter’s 140 character is augmenting popular discourse or the many different ways Shakespeare spelled his own name.

My job is to uncover the most unique, most sellable aspects of an individual or business and then crafting this information into a compelling story that will tug at the heartstrings of your desired audience…and ultimately convert into real sales. Ultimately, the goal is to make yourself relevant to your target audience. Sometimes that means changing the platform, enhancing the message or improving the way it’s shared.